Gustav Eberlein’s Wagner monument in the Tiergarten: at the back of Wagner’s throne, the dwarf Alberich clings to the Rheingold treasure. Alleged resemblance to anti-semitic depictions of “the greedy Jewry” seems far-fetched…

The composer’s fine touch.



In 2015, Claudia Laurenze Landsberg of the Gemäldegalerie announced the discovery that the English painter and collector Joshua Reynolds (1723-1792) made major alterations to Rembrandt’s “Susanna and the elders” while the painting was in his possession.

One of Reynold’s own works, a portrait of member of parliament George Clive and his family, is on display in the Gemäldegalerie. The only healthy-looking person in the picture is the Indian maid. Clive himself looks positively dead.

Self-portrait of Anna Dorothea Therbusch (née Lisiewska), painter at the court of Frederick the Great. Therbusch worked at Sanssouci.